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The River Management Blog is intended as a site where technical specialists and non-experts alike can come together to discuss the various issues, challenges and opportunities presented by river management.

There are a number of ways to navigate around the blog. The links above will move you between the main pages, which includes the blog itself, links to a range of online river management resources, and a link to WFD data for England and Wales.

The widgets to the right will find you something more specific. You can search the blog for a key word or phrase, read some of our most recent and most popular posts, or view the Twitter feeds of our main authors.

If there’s anything to can’t find that you think should be here, or a specific topic you’d like us to blog about, send us a tweet via the @Woodinrivers Twitter feed.

3 Responses to About this blog

  1. Jonathan Carrivick says:

    your review of MSc programs has missed one of the best in the country…the MSc in River Basin dynamics and management at Leeds…


    please add it to your appraisal!



    • Simon Dixon says:

      Jonathan, thanks for the heads up, I’m really not sure how I missed that one. Now amended.

      • Todd Menees says:

        Simon – I am a River Management Engineer for the State of Vermont in the USA. I saw a lot of tree debris jams while providing flood response to Vermonters after Tropical Storm Irene hit on Aug 28, 2011. I read your post with great interest and hope you could contact me via email at: todd.menees@state.vt.us so we could have a dialogue on what sediment debris contributes to tree debris jams and flooding. Thanks – Todd

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