The Inaugural England River Prize

To highlight the importance of a catchment based approach in England, the Environment Agency has formed a partnership with the River Restoration Centre (RRC) to award the first England River Prize. The England River Prize will celebrate and give recognition to successful approaches to river restoration, delivering a wide range of benefits.

Administered by the RRC and judged by a panel of experts, the first England River Prize will be presented in 2014 at the RRC annual conference on the 7th May. The overall winner will be supported to apply for the IRF European Riverprize the following year.

River restoration on the Glaven in Norfolk

“Forget X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, this is the one that really matters. The winners of this inaugural England River Prize can be sure they have made a significant contribution for future generations, at a time when sustainable river management has never been higher on the public’s agenda! We have lots of superb catchment restoration projects going on in England and this is the opportunity for them to share their achievements with a wide audience, and for the very best of those to be suitably rewarded and maybe even go on to win the International Riverprize, as the Mersey and Thames have done in the past.”

Alastair Driver, National Conservation Manager, Environment Agency

“We have a long history of caring passionately (but often quietly) about our river    landscapes. Thousands of projects have been carried out in England to help restore     natural river processes and the habitats these sustain. Some of these projects are well known but many are not. These restoration successes and the teams of dedicated people who make them happen are those that we want to shout about, to help inspire us all in the vision that we share”.

Martin Janes, Managing Director, River Restoration Centre

Flow deflectors on the River Tat in Norfolk


  • Provides recognition and reward for the projects and participants’ achievements
  • Creates a platform for project growth and extension activities.
  • Showcases excellence in river basin management.
  • Demonstrates leadership, innovation, partnership working and commitment to sustainability.
  • Raises the profile of the project in the community to potential sponsors, businesses and other stakeholders.
  • Facilitates networking and business linkages beyond the award period.


Organisations involved in river, wetland, estuary restoration and protection in England can enter the England River Prize. The project you enter must have taken place in England (or across national borders as long as significant activity has taken place in England).

  • Applicants should be able to demonstrate achievements in river, wetland or estuary restoration and protection.  Include the contribution which your project has made towards achievement of the objectives of the Water Framework Directive.
  • Submissions should be able to demonstrate effective engagement with stakeholders
  • Submissions should also demonstrate evidence of innovation to integrate social, economic and ecological elements for effective programme delivery as part of a long-term vision.
  • Applicants should provide evidence of an integrated, science-based process for improving or maintaining aquatic ecosystem health.
  • If applicable submissions should highlight their multiple benefits.
  • Applications will be considered in their local political or social context.


Applications close on 23rd March, 2014.

Finalists will be contacted in early April, and asked to provide a 5 -10 minute video that illustrates their nominated project.  The prize organisers can offer support with this if needed. This video will be screened at the RRC annual conference dinner.

To enter, visit the England River Prize event page, hosted on the website of the International RiverFoundation.


About Trevor Bond

A Geomorphology Technical Officer at the Environment Agency. All opinions expressed herein are my own and do not necessary reflect the views of my employer.
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