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Autumn, leaves, blocked drains and flooding

I caught myself the other day engaged in some slightly odd behaviour. I was out in the road in front of my house cleaning leaves out of the gutter. Had I finally become the crazy old man I have long … Continue reading

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Room for the River – Dutch flood control

As I detailed in my previous post about the current flooding in the UK, the main focus at the present time should be on protecting lives and property. It is certainly not the time for blame and is too early … Continue reading

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Uttarkhand floods in India

In response to the devastating floods in the Uttarakhand province of India there has been an almost inevitable shift from the initial shock and horror towards attempts to apportion blame for the events. In many ways this is something that … Continue reading

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Public access to rivers & its impacts

Last week George Monbiot in the Guardian wrote a piece about the private ownership of rivers in relation to navigation access. To briefly summarise; the vast majority of English rivers are in private ownership and despite some legal confusion, currently … Continue reading

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Trev Bond delves into the potentially dangerous world of river management politics. Tread carefully. Continue reading

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