A selection of technical and and non-technical links to useful websites related to river management:

The British Society for Geomorphology – The best work of British geomorphologists home and abroad

The Environment – The principle river regulator in England

The River Wiki – – A map of all the river restoration project across Europe

The River Restoration – For news, advice and case studies to do with river restoration

My Environment – connecting people with nature

The Urban River Survey – – A great tool for monitoring changes in urban rivers over time

The Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) – – Focusing upon research in ecology and hydrology

EU Restore – Case studies of river management approaches from across Europe

The Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS) – – For everything fishy

River Research and Applications – One of several informative academic journals focusing upon river management

The Water Framework Directive Mitigation Measures Manual  – Good advice on WFD but also general river restoration

Wallingford – A leading river management consultancy

The River Habitat Survey – A standardised methodology for monitoring change in rivers

Daylighting – A project looking at the challenges and opportunities presented by deculverting

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO)– – The regulatory body for the marine environment in England and Wales


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  1. Janette Colbridge Vaze says:

    Hi there. Please can you help us. Trying to find out the names of the streams running through Pitts Wood, Overdale Rd, Quintin, Birmingham. Thought you may be able to help or at least let us know which waterways they eventually feed in from and if they are derived from local springs. Many thanks

    Janette Colbridge Vaze

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