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PhD researcher at University of Sheffield, studying urban rivers, sewers, culverts and stream daylighting. Facebook: /DaylightingUrbanRivers Twitter: @losturbanrivers

The rise of “river restoration”

I read Simon’s (a.k.a. @woodinrivers) great blog post on defining river restoration, and the differences between restoration, rehabilitation, re-creation and enhancement. To build on this further, I thought it would be interesting to provide some brief statistics (via Scopus) on … Continue reading


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What to do with lost urban rivers beneath our feet

In his second post on The River Management blog, Adam Broadhead poses the question; what should we do with the lost urban rivers beneath our feet? Continue reading

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Lost urban rivers beneath our feet

In our first guest blog, Adam Broadhead introduces the concept of lost urban rivers and explains to us why they are so important Continue reading

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