Dr Simon Dixon is a fluvial geomorphologist with interests in flood risk management and flood modelling, ecosystem engineers & river morphodynamics. He is currently working as a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Birmingham on the MegaScours project.

He tweets as @woodinrivers

You can read some of his posts here

Adam Broadhead is a water engineer conducting doctoral research on “daylighting” of urban rivers at University of Sheffield. His interests include innovative approaches to flood risk management and the management of urban water courses. He is currently locating, tracing and mapping culverted and lost urban rivers in Sheffield and compiling daylighting schemes from around the world at

He tweets as @losturbanrivers

You can read some of his posts here

Dr Trevor Bond is a fluvial geomorphologist specialising in hydroecomorphology; how animals and plants interact to create and maintain river landforms. He works for the Environment Agency geomorphology division and since taking up that position no longer actively contributes to the blog.

You can read some of his old posts here

He tweets in his official EA capacity as @TrevBondEA

Ben Gillespie is a hydroecologist conducting doctoral research on the challenges in achieving “good ecological potential” for heavily modified/regulated rivers discharging from reservoirs. He is currently assessing the value of modification of aspects of water releases from reservoirs for improving river flow regimes, physicochemical habitat and biological communities.

He tweets as @riversbeng

We are always looking for interesting and/or topical posts on any and all aspects of river management research or policy. If you have an idea for a blogpost contact use via Twitter @Woodinrivers and we can discuss it.

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