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River Management Career Profiles

Following on from our very popular blog looking at and reviewing the available MSc courses for entry into the field of river management I’m excited to launch a new mini-series on the blog today looking at careers in the river … Continue reading

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Erosion Control and river restoration success

I’ve done a fair bit of research on the streams of the New Forest national park and have seen first-hand a number of restoration projects as well as the results of many more that have been undertaken in the past … Continue reading

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A review of River Management MSc courses

This article was amended on 04th April to include courses at Leeds and Kings, as well as bursary information where this is readily provided by universities. If you want to forge a career as a professional in the water management … Continue reading

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Rivers flood

Trev Bond explains that rivers flood, and that this is entirely normal Continue reading

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Why Restore?

River restoration has become a standard part of a river manager’s repertoire as European, North American and Australasian land managers have increasingly moved away from a focus on efficient drainage of land and rivers and towards a more holistic view … Continue reading

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Effects of salt on wildlife

A while back as part of a stream gauging experiment (more of which in a later post) I did a literature review of the sub-lethal and toxic levels of salt in water for different classes of wildlife. This is one … Continue reading

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The fluvial geomorphology of East Anglia: a history lesson

East Anglia has some of the most interesting geomorphology in the whole of the UK. Trev Bond explains why. Continue reading

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