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Looking into Selly Park Flooding

In June this year intense rainfall led to localised flooding in South Birmingham in and around University of Birmingham. One area which was particularly badly hit was Pershore Rd near the Birmingham Nature Centre. This area is near to the … Continue reading

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The Sylhet Trough – Nature’s giant settling basin

In a bit of a departure from our usual content I’m going to contrast a continental scale feature from Asia with some SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage) applications nearer to home. At the moment I’m doing some work on bank erosion … Continue reading

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Uttarkhand floods in India

In response to the devastating floods in the Uttarakhand province of India there has been an almost inevitable shift from the initial shock and horror towards attempts to apportion blame for the events. In many ways this is something that … Continue reading

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I love rivers because..

I saw the following tweet on Valentine’s day Fill in the blank: I love rivers because ________________________! fb.me/2tk93VAMD — Adam Broadhead (@losturbanrivers) February 15, 2013 I thought about this for a while and decided that 140 characters would be no … Continue reading

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River restoration ‘quick-wins’ – getting the best flow for your florin

It’s not all about Manning’s n and Navier-Stokes. . Trevor Bond explains that a fair amount of good river restoration can be done without a calculator. Continue reading

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The characteristics of English chalk streams

Originally posted on The Geography and Environment postgraduate blog:
In the first post of this series we considered the history and origins of English chalk streams; where they were and where they’d come from. In this post we’ll look at…

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