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Looking into Selly Park Flooding

In June this year intense rainfall led to localised flooding in South Birmingham in and around University of Birmingham. One area which was particularly badly hit was Pershore Rd near the Birmingham Nature Centre. This area is near to the … Continue reading

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What about beavers?

My first research projects were on logjams, looking at their abundance, distribution, form and function. These logjams were naturally occurring as a result of wood being “recruited” to the channel via wind throw or overbank transport. However ever since I … Continue reading

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How do we use wood in river management?

The presence of in-stream wood in rivers is a fairly complex and chaotic management issue. It’s not neat and tidy and to a degree wood in a channel is unpredictable, both in its effects and its behaviour. Wood moves around … Continue reading

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The Sylhet Trough – Nature’s giant settling basin

In a bit of a departure from our usual content I’m going to contrast a continental scale feature from Asia with some SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage) applications nearer to home. At the moment I’m doing some work on bank erosion … Continue reading

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Erosion Control and river restoration success

I’ve done a fair bit of research on the streams of the New Forest national park and have seen first-hand a number of restoration projects as well as the results of many more that have been undertaken in the past … Continue reading

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A review of River Management MSc courses

This article was amended on 04th April to include courses at Leeds and Kings, as well as bursary information where this is readily provided by universities. If you want to forge a career as a professional in the water management … Continue reading

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I love rivers because..

I saw the following tweet on Valentine’s day Fill in the blank: I love rivers because ________________________! fb.me/2tk93VAMD — Adam Broadhead (@losturbanrivers) February 15, 2013 I thought about this for a while and decided that 140 characters would be no … Continue reading

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