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How adults and children perceive river landscapes differently

I came across an interesting research angle this week looking at how people who live in and interact with river landscapes value different parts of the environment. I read a paper from 2002 in the journal “Landscape & Urban Planning” … Continue reading

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How do we use wood in river management?

The presence of in-stream wood in rivers is a fairly complex and chaotic management issue. It’s not neat and tidy and to a degree wood in a channel is unpredictable, both in its effects and its behaviour. Wood moves around … Continue reading

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River Management Career Profiles : University Researcher

Continuing our mini-series on career profiles within the water management sector, this post covers the job of university researcher. For this I have the unenviable task of interviewing myself. I turned up late, wore sunglasses throughout, even though it was … Continue reading

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Our current analysis suggests that we can’t write plain English

One of the main aims of the recent WWF chalk-streams conference (my presentation is published in a previous blog entry) was to encourage people to comment on the Environment Agency’s latest River Basin Management Plans. If you love rivers, this is important…

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River Management Career Profiles: Water Consultant

This is the first in our new series of career profiles within the broad river/water management sector. Pete Harrison, is a Senior Hydrologist at the consultancy WSP (see link for their website). For this series we ask people to answer … Continue reading

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River Management Career Profiles

Following on from our very popular blog looking at and reviewing the available MSc courses for entry into the field of river management I’m excited to launch a new mini-series on the blog today looking at careers in the river … Continue reading

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The Sylhet Trough – Nature’s giant settling basin

In a bit of a departure from our usual content I’m going to contrast a continental scale feature from Asia with some SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage) applications nearer to home. At the moment I’m doing some work on bank erosion … Continue reading

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The geomorphic effects of river dredging

Originally posted on The River Management Blog:
It seems the community has been crying out for a post of this nature and so here I am; gallantly riding into the maelstrom of a politically sensitive issue, on the back of my watery steed, wielding…

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The dynamics of large wood in forest rivers – part 2

In a previous post I described the main findings from a recent paper I had accepted in the journal Water Resources Research. The study looked at the movement of pieces of large wood by using numbered aluminium tags and repeatedly … Continue reading

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Profiles of professions in the river management industry

One of the objectives of this blog is to increase awareness of river management and to act as a resource for experts and non-experts alike. We put a post together a couple of years ago aimed at giving students advice … Continue reading

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