River Management Career Profiles

Following on from our very popular blog looking at and reviewing the available MSc courses for entry into the field of river management I’m excited to launch a new mini-series on the blog today looking at careers in the river management industry.

The idea is to lift the lid on what is possibly not a very well understood sector. My own experience (and various comments/emails I get) indicate it is difficult for graduates or people looking for a career change to know what different jobs in the water management sector involve and what entry level qualifications are needed. So ultimately it’s hard for people to know what job they might like to do!

This mini-series will hopefully dispel some of the fog around what a ‘river manager’ or ‘environmental consultant’ does and act as a useful resource for people looking to get into the industry as well prove interesting in general. If you are a professional in the water management sector and would like to take part in the series, particularly if we haven’t featured your career/job yet, please get in touch via twitter or email.

This page will act as a hub and I’ll add new links below as and when we add new job summaries.

Water Consultant – Pete Harrison

Early Career Researcher (University) – Simon Dixon

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